12 oz

Soothing Midnight Slough

  • Soothing Midnight Sugar is blended to gently exfoliate and moisturize your skin while relaxing your body, aromatically.


    Our sugar emulsion is chock full of a variety of sugars and lavender essential oil to buff away dead, worn skin


    Our emulsion blend isn't your ordinary sugar and oil bled. We spent months formulating the perfect blend of sugar, oil, additives, emulsifiers and aromas to deliver a sugar slough that is pure luxury without the separation of oils and sugars.


    As you massage Soothing Midnight Slough into your skin while in your bath or shower, our blend will turn into a creamy lotion, coating your body in an aromatic blanket of skin-loving fixings. Unlike traditional body scrubs, our slough doesn't leave behind a heavy layer or oil.


    Enjoy your bathing experience as you aromatically exfoliate, moisturize and refresh your skin. Remember to use care to not allow water to enter your product, as we only use a mild preservation system.


    We know our aromas, so we've also layered a dash of our proprietary natural fragrance blend. This scrub is finely blended with floral notes of lavender and sweet notes of vanilla and spearmint to delicately wrap your skin in a well balanced, decadent perfume. Lavender is commonly used in a aromatherapy to help relax the body and relieve stress. We’ve blended lavender into this scrub to help you do just that!





    -Moisturizes dry, itchy skin

    -Promotes skin cell rejuvenation

    -Soothes dry, itchy skin

    -Stimulates the senses



    Due to the natural nature of our fixings, they are 10x more concentrated than your typical beauty care products. Only a small amount of product is needed per each use.