12 oz. chunk (comes in two 6oz chunks)


PUDDIN' WOODIN' Black Tea & Honey Soap

PUDDIN' WOODIN' - Black Tea & Honey Soap

  • PUDDIN' WOODIN Black Tea & Honey Soap is formulated to provide an aromatically, bubbly, indulgent cleansing experience for men and women. 


    EACH SOAP HAS A STORY: Puddin’ Woodin’ is the nickname my grandfather gave me. How he came up with this name — who knows! He was full of so much love, therefore, this chunk is full of so much love. It reminds me of the warmth of his hugs. As you bathe, I hope you’ll be wrapped in the warmth of love & peace.


    This chunk of soap is milled the old fashiond way, using lye. The process begins by steeping some of the best black tea leaves for hours, to get all the delicious nutrients out. We finish the milling process by drizzling in sweet organic honey. Finally, we send this batch through a multi-day special process that intensifies the creamy lather. No shortcuts here.


    Each chunk of soap is hand cut, so no two chunks will be alike. There's nothing fancy here either... including the soap wraps. We just focus on making the most indulgent soap you'll ever get your hands on.


    Enjoy your chunk by yourself or with your significant other. Either way, indulge!


    We recommend using our natural sea sponge or loofa with any of our soap chunks.