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Q. Do you offer discounts or do you have a customer loyalty program?

A. Yes. We have several sales that we post to our social media platforms that anyone can take advantage of. We recommend that you become one of our VIP Members by "joining the JUNGLE", so that you can receive frequent discount codes and exclusives. It's free!


Q. Can I make a change to my order after I submit it?

A. We try our best to accommodate any changes to orders once they have been submitted, however, cannot guarantee that we will be able to make your desired change, as w are processing orders at a very fast rate. Please contact our customer service line at 202-656-4290 so we may try our best to assist you.


Q. I do not like my item(s), can I return them for a refund or store credit?

A. Due to the nature of our products, we are unable to accept any returns for a refund or store credit. All sales are final. We try our best provide very descriptive information for each product, including ingredients, use information, size, smell and consistency, so that our clients can make a well-informed decision before purchasing. If you don't like a product, we would love to know why, so we can evaluate what we can do better.


Q. My product separated. Is it still good?

A. Absolutely! We are proud to provide formulations that don't carry unnecessary, non-beneficial (for the hair or skin) ingredients. If your lotion, shampoo or gel sits for an extended period of time without being used, you may experience some product separation. This is completely normal and is actually a good sign that you have a well-formulated product without fillers just to prevent separation.​


Q. Are any of your products tested on animals?

A. Not at all. We are against the cruel treatment of any animal. 


Q. Even though your products are natural, I am still allergic to certain natural ingredients. How will I know to stay away from certain products with ingredients that I'm allergic to?

A. We have provided the complete ingredient listing for each product of the product page. Please review the listing to determine if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in our formulation prior to purchasing.


Q. Are your products suitable for babies and young children?

A. No. We do not yet carry a product line for babies and small children. We do not recommend that any child (10-younger) use our products, as some of the essential oils in our blends may be too strong for such a young age. 

Q. Who are your products made for?

A. We desire to see everyone using healthy, beneficial products. Therefore, our formulations serve a wide-range of clients. Any race, any texture, any skin type, men and women. We do carry a few select products that are formulated to address very specific needs, such as very curly hair or extremely dry skin, however.

Q. I am interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Jungle. How do I apply?

A. We are honored that you would like to become an extension of the JUNGLE brand. Please complete and submit our Ambassador Application

Q. I am interested in becoming a model for JUNGLE. How do I apply?

A. We are thrilled that you want to become a JUNGLE model! We will open our modeling page in 2018.

Q. How do I locate you on social media?

A. JUNGLE utilizes the following social media platforms with the handle @jungleportfolio

  • Instagram

  • Facebook 

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. We are open and ready to assist you Monday - Friday between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. We are closed on all Federal Government recognized holidays. Our website is always live for our clients to order their goodies when our office is closed.


Q. I have really sensitive skin, but want to try your Pomegranate Rose Wash Gentle Facial Cleanser. Will I breakout?

A. Our facial cleanser was specifically formulated with the most sensitive skin in mind. CEO, Tiffany McCullough, has extremely sensitive skin and personally, as with all other formulations, formulated the facial cleanser to gently lift dirt, remove makeup, heal and refresh the face without stripping the skin of moisture. As with any product, we do recommend that you test a small area of your face, as even natural ingredients may cause an allergic reaction for different people. 

Q. What preservatives do you use?

A. We preserve all of our water-based products and any product that has a high probability of encountering water, such as our Pomegranate Facial Exfoliate Compote, with a mild, paraben-free, preservation system. Our preservative accounts for 1% of our formulations that require a preservative.

Here at JUNGLE, we have a “1k Everyday”excellence policy. This simply means that we believe in surpassing 100% customer satisfaction, from excellent formulations all the way to an excellent experience with a JUNGLE Team Member.

If you have a question that you don't see an answer for, please feel free to contact customer service during business hours. We are happy to answers any questions you may have! 


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